Unlimited lessons

Unlike other martial-arts centres, we don't charge you based on how often you train. We don't want to restrict our customers, so we give you all the training you want for a low price.

Family Discount

Training together is important, that's why we offer a 10% discount for each direct family member (brother, sister, parent) up to 20% off.


Cash, Credit, Cheque: £35

Direct Debit: £30

For ages 3-5

lowest price

We are a non-profit organisation. As a community interest company we provide a service at the lowest possible price to benefit you.

No contract

There's no obligations with us, you can close your direct debit or stop your monthly whenever you want without incurring any cost.


For ages 5-6

Cash, Credit, Cheque: £40

Direct Debit: £35

Quality teaching

Led by one of the few Grand Masters in the world, our quality of teaching is exceptional. Our instructors have a minimum of 10 years experience teaching.

Direct Debit Discount

Save money with our hassle-free direct debit system with a £5 off per month discount. Also price increases won't effect those on direct debit. No stress, no extra cost.

TKD Junior

For ages 7-12

Cash, Credit, Cheque: £45

Direct Debit: £45

In one place

We are a full-time Taekwon-Do training centre. You wont need to travel far to get to us and we will not suddenly close. We plan to teach in Croydon for years to come.

Open all year

Being a full-time martial arts centre means we close when we want to, and we don't want to!

Open all through the year (except bank holidays and Christmas day)

TKD teens & Adults

For ages 13+

Cash, Credit, Cheque: £55

Direct Debit: £50

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You can call us Mon -Sat on 

0800 772 3590

07860 930315


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