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The Kids program

The ITF Kids Program is the official Taekwon-Do program taught to children aged 3 and 7 to provide them with a myriad of skills. The Kids Program was developed by our Chief Instructor Grand Master Donato Nardizzi who spent 5 years on the project. Grand Master Nardizzi is now the chairman of the ITF Kids Development Program, and this committee teaches the program through seminars all over the world. The students at Croydon Taekwon-Do Academy are fortunate enough to get first hand teaching from the creator of the program.

Our program consists of a comprehensive study book which contains all the knowledge they need as well as the homework tasks. The topics in the book include life skills (such as teamwork, leadership, organisation skills etc.) mind skills (memory, concentration etc.) and character education (courtesy, integrity, perseverance) and fitness and health which are vital for their development. Children are given an assignment sheet in which they have to complete the various skills in class as well as some homework tasks. Once this is completed they are able to proceed through our grading system to which there are 6 levels: Ranging from white, yellow, green, blue, red, then black tag. If a child receives a beyond a black tag they will be eligible for our Juniors class beginning on a yellow belt in which they can further their learning.


Bully-Proof your child through Taekwon-do by teaching them how to defend themselves against an attacker. As 1 in 2 children are bullied in the UK, help strengthen your child both physically and mentally to tackle bullying.

We teach our children to always walk away from conflict and not to use their skills to harm others but only when necessary. We instruct them on the best way to deal with verbal bullying by telling an adult, and if one is not present to ignore the offender. 

However, we also teach stranger danger and how to protect themselves from being abducted by avoiding potential threats. We do scenario role-plays to instruct the children what to do when confronted with a stranger - and for the untrained, the results would shock you.

Cognitive Development

Help your children improve their cognitive skills such as listening, concentrating, following instructions, memory retention and learning Taekwon-Do knowledge. They will need to learn the Korean commands and numbers which 

Children aged between 3-7 are in their key developing years and need to be provided with the correct stimulus to help them grow - helping them towards becoming independent adults. Our program helps children develop independent thinking and the ability 

Life Skills

Our program teaches your children life-skills through fun games and enjoyable tasks. Children will learn invaluable skills such as teamwork, leadership, and communication skills through our team building exercises.

We demonstrate how to be organised through time management, holding responsibility for tasks, maintaining hygiene which gives the children greater autonomy and independence.


We believe that it is never too soon to start teaching your child to be self-sufficient, and the earlier they are taught the better. By being in charge of bringing their uniform, work sheets, and work book to every lesson we slowly build their awareness and responsibility.

As the child grows, they will be taught how they should prepare for daily life, such as cleaning and keeping tidy, managing time and work, preparing food and retaining good hygiene. By making children aware of how take care of themselves at a young age, it leads them towards them taking more initiative and becoming more successful in life.