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You can call us Mon -Sat on 

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TAEKWON-do juniors



Unlimited Training

Skill Level

1 Hour Lessons

Five Times Per Week

£40 Per Month By Direct Debit.

£45 Per Month by Cheque, Cash, or Credit.

Unlimited training with our monthly offer.

For all skill levels. We cater for all juniors aged 7-12.

From Ages 7-12

If your child is aged 7-12 you are eligible for our Taekwon-Do Juniors classes which offer a similar criteria to our Taekwon-Do Teens & Adults classes. The Junior classes are only 1 hour long compared to the 1 hour and 30 minutes in the Teens & Adults class to get your children use to the intense road ahead. In the lessons, students will practice patterns, sparring, board breaking and all techniques which are learnt in the Adults & Teen classes.

If your child has gone through our kids program they can begin Taekwon-Do Juniors on a yellow belt. Students in the Junior class will be able to do the same grading as adults and teens, but for Juniors under 11 their grading will involve an easier theory sheet and no power breaking. It is possible for a Junior to achieve the rank of black belt, but once they are of this rank they will usually get moved up to the Adult & Teen class.

Juniors can also compete in international competitions and go for gold medals and trophies. The competitions will be in the same format as Adult & Teen competitions and will be held at the same venue. Juniors will only compete against their own height, age, weight and belt categories.