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You can call us Mon -Sat on 

0800 772 3590

07860 930315

©2018 by Croydon Taekwon-Do Academy.

TAEKWON-do Teens & adults


1 Hour & 30 Minutes

4 times per week


£50 Per Month by direct debit.

£55 Per Month by cheque, cash, or credit.

Unlimited Training

Skill Level

Unlimited training for members on monthly deals.

All skill levels accepted. Our adult classes cater for those aged 13+ of any skill level and learning ability.

Our Taekwon-Do Teens & Adults classes are 30 minutes longer than the Junior class, involving more fitness and technique training. We cater to those of all skill levels, dividing the classes up based on experience and belt to give each student the correct amount of attention required.

In our Teens & Adults Classes we do fitness training, techniques, patterns,, self-defence drills, sparring drills, free sparring (yellow belts+) and even breaking (yellow belts+). We encourage students to train often so they are eligible to grade more frequently and enjoy the greater aspects of Taekwon-Do.